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2019 AOCNMB - Invitation for Sponsors

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13th Asia Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology

Letter of Invitation

The Asia Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (AOFNMB) is the largest regional organization of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology and is one of the world’s most important regional nuclear medicine organizations, ranking behind the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) and the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM). This organization has played a major role in the development and promotion of nuclear medicine in Asia and Oceania. It has long been highly recognized, supported and directly involved by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


Since its inception, the organization has organized 12 editions of the Asia Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (AOCNMB). The 8th AOCNMB was hosted successfully in Beijing, China in October 2004, thanks to the joint efforts of all nuclear medicine experts and professionals in mainland China. The assembly brought together over 500 representatives from more than 30 countries around the world. More than 20 companies had their latest products exhibited onsite. The congress showcased not only the latest academic progress in nuclear medicine in Asia-Oceania, but also China’s history, culture and development of nuclear medicine.


At the 12th AOCNMB held in Yokohama, Japan in October 2017, Prof. Gang Huang, Dean of the Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM), delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony as a special guest. He introduced all the efforts that ASNM has made in promoting the development of Asian nuclear medicine over the past few years. At the same time, Prof. Huang was appointed as the President-elect of AOFNMB and became the first Chinese nuclear medicine expert to serve as the chair of a top international nuclear medicine organization. This shows the increasing influence of China’s nuclear medicine in the international arena. In view of the rapid development of China’s nuclear medicine in recent years and its growing influence in Asia-Oceania, AOFNMB has decided to hold the 13th AOCNMB in Shanghai, China from May 9th to 12th, 2019. It is a great event for Chinese nuclear medicine and a golden opportunity for both China and the Asia-Oceania region to showcase their latest advancements in nuclear medicine to the world. Nearly 500 international experts and approximately 1,000 Chinese nuclear medicine professionals are expected to attend the upcoming assembly. 2019.


With the theme of ''Good morning! Asia Oceania, From Shanghai Manifesto 2016'', the congress will invite a great number of domestic and foreign experts to give lectures so that international friends will know more about China, nuclear medicine in the nation and the Asia-Oceania region. Different cultures and academic viewpoints will collide and merge here, which would give a big boost to the unity and development of nuclear medicine in Asia and beyond.


During the assembly, the 2019 Annual Meeting of Chinese Nuclear Society of Nuclear Medicine, the 20th Annual Meeting of Chinese Congress of Nuclear Cardiology, the 2019 Editorial Board Meeting of Chinese Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, the 5th Asian Oceanian Nuclear Medicine Academic Forum, the 9th Annual Meeting of the Asian Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology, the 6th Rising Nuclear Medicine Professional Challenge, the 4th Cognitive Impairment Symposium, and the 6th Sino-Japanese Joint Symposium on Nuclear Medicine will be held concurrently.


The organizing committee cordially invites your company to participate in the AOCNMB 2019. Your support to the academic exchange in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging will be highly appreciated. Your products can be showcased on–site for more nuclear medicine professionals to know about your company and products. Your participation will make the congress even more splendid. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Asia Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (AOFNMB)
Chinese Nuclear Society of Nuclear Medicine
Editorial Board of the Chinese Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences


Shanghai Nuclear Society
Nuclear Medicine Division of Shanghai Medical Association
Shanghai Association of Cardiovascular Physicians
Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital
Clinical Nuclear Medicine Professional Committee of Shanghai Nuclear Society

Asia Oceania School of Nuclear Medicine
Sino-Japanese Association for Nuclear Medicine Intercommunion
East Asia Nuclear Medicine Association
Asian Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology
Shanghai Chartwell Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

Academic Support:

Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine Chapter of Chinese Medical Doctor Association
Nuclear Medicine Chapter of China Association of Medical Equipment

For more information, please visit 2019 AOCNMB website:

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