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2018 ANMAF Call for Abstract

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The Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM) will start to accept abstracts for the 2018 Asian Nuclear Medicine Academic Forum from Sept 8, 2017.


The Forum website will not accept online application and abstract submissions this year. Instead, we will like to ask applicant to submit their abstract through WFNMB portal ( Thank you for your cooperation and support.


This year’s Forum abstract is divided into 2 categories: Rising Nuclear Medicine Professional Challenge and ASNM Poster Challenge Requirements are as follow:


A.    Rising Nuclear Medicine Professional Challenge

i.      Candidate must be Nuclear Medicine Physicians under the age of 45

ii.    Abstracts must be referred by Regional Principal and approved by ASNM. Abstracts will then have to be submitted through the WFNMB Portal with the WFNMB invitation code

iii.    Each country can only have one candidate enrolled into the Challenge

iv.   Candidates will have 15 minutes to present to a panel of judges

v.    Topic of presentation must derive from the following four (4) fields of Nuclear Medicine:

•    Basic Science Research of Nuclear Medicine

•   Clinical Research of Nuclear Medicine

•   Nuclear Medicine Imaging

•   Nuclear Medicine Therapy

VI.  The application deadline will be November 17, 2017



Gold Prize

1 person


Silver Prize

1 person


Bronze Prize

1 person


B.    ASNM Poster Competition

i.      Applicants must be under the age 45 years old

ii.     Applicants must be of Asian Descent

iii.    Poster competition this year will not be divided into subcategories

iv.   There are no limitations on the content and design of the poster. (We would prefer posters with most figures and tables as suppose to words)

v.    The dimensions of your poster MUST be no larger than A1 standard size of 594 mm (width) by 841 mm (height).

vi.   Please submit your application through the “WFNMB2018”- ASNM Poster Competition submission portal,

vii.  The submission deadline of poster competition will be November 17, 2017



ASNM Most Popular Poster

1 person


ASNM Most Academia Poster

1 person


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