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[2018 ANMAF] Letter of Invitation

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On behalf of the Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM), it is my greatest pleasure to invite you to Melbourne, Australia for the 2018 Asian Nuclear Medicine Academic Forum which will be held in conjunction with the 12th World Congress of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology, in the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, from 20-24 April, 2018.

This year’s Asian Academic Forum 2018 will be expecting: Prof. Jun Hatazawa (Chairman of AOFNMB), Prof. Henry Bom (President of ARCCNM), and Prof. Gang Huang (Dean of ASNM), whom will be joining us as the Co-Chairmans for the following forum events:  
1. 5th Rising NM Professional Challenge  
2. ASNM Poster Competition  
3. 3rd Cognitive Impairment Symposium

With the success of the last Forum, the 2018 Academic Forum aims to continue the bridging of Nuclear Medicine findings from different regions. We strive to provide an opportunity for all NM professionals to showcase their hardwork at the 5th Rising NM Professional Challenge and ASNM Poster Competition.

We encourage physicians, technologists, scientists, lab professionals, and educators in the field of nuclear medicine to come forth and enlighten our audience from the Asian regions. The ASNM Secretariat will provide assistance during this year’s Forum for participants who are invited and approved by the Regional Principals and ASNM. Please apply through your Regional Principal or by registering through the WFNMB Registration Portal; the necessary information will be found in the Appendix.

ASNM looks forward to seeing ASNM Academic Forum guests in Melbourne, Australia. With all of the region’s engagement, our combined expertise at our Forum will surely push the boundaries of NM development!

Sincerely yours,  


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