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AOSNM activities
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AOSNM activities

1.   Professional training courses

2.   Continue Educational Sessions during Regional & National Congresses

3.   Survey of Training Programs in Member States

       Human Resources

       Equipment & Instrumentation


       Training formats

       Relevant policy

4.   Formulating guidelines of Asian Nuclear Medicine for routine working instruction and training materials, which is essential for the Standardization of NM Training Programsaround Asia and Oceania;

5.   Establish and maintain the Asian and Oceanian Training Bases (the existing Osaka, Seoul and Shanghai campusesand the soon to be established Australia campus), accelerate the communication between campuses;

6.   Create and maintain the online platform for distance learning andthe compilation of existing learning material. Update online information of AOSNM to meetthe needs of E-learning and evaluation;

7.   Cooperate with IAEA, WFNMB, AOFNMB, EANM,SNMMI etc. and their associated schools and enable a platform for information sharing.

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