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Asian School of Nuclear Medicine Campus

ASNM Campus is a regional training center for general nuclear medicine as well as some specific fields located in centers of excellence designated by ASNM. The ASNM Campus is inviting young physicians, technologists, chemists, and nurses from ARCCNM countries to experience Nuclear Medicine practice.

Shanghai Campus

Osaka Campus

  • Osaka Campus is led by Prof. Jun Hatazawa, who is also the Chairman of ARCCNM.
  • Training period: 1 week- 1 months (depending on the request)
  • Number of trainees: 2 trainees at the same time
  • Admissions Requirements:
    • -English speaking, need recommendation letter by supervisor
    • -Doctors and technologists are both acceptable
    • -Degree from medical school for NM Physicians. Undergraduate degree for NM technologists.
    • -Chemist, Nurse, Medical Physics scientists are also accepted.
  • Content of Training: see the course shown in the website
  • Accommodation: University Guest House is available 2000 Japanese Yen/night.
  • Detailed Information: ▶ Osaka Campus Booklet

Korea Campus


  • Download Application Form ▶ Click
  • You will be submitting your application form by emailing to the following email address: & please cc to
  • Please note that all inquires to the Training Campuses will not be replied. Please divert all your questions to the ASNM Secretariat and cc the Seoul Central Office

ASNM Secretariat

  1. Address: 3rd Floor, Building No.12, No.470, Guiping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
  2. Tel : +86-21-64959951
  3. Fax : +86-21-64953155
  4. E-mail :
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