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Article I: Origin of ASNM

In the Asian Region, the Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine (ARCCNM) was formed in 2000, initiated by China, Japan and Korea, with the main aim of fostering the spread of Nuclear Medicine in Asia. The Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM) was formed in February 2003, with the ARCCNM as the parent body. ASNM is the educational and training arm of ARCCNM in the Region.

Article II: Goals of ASNM

ASNM aims to transfer knowledge in Nuclear Medicine from the more developed countries to the less developed ARCCNM Member States within the Region. Specifically, ASNM aims to:
foster education in Nuclear Medicine in the Asian countries, particularly the less developed ones;
promote training of Nuclear Medicine physicians, technologists, radiopharmacists, medical physicists and other allied professionals in cooperation with government agencies, universities, national societies and industry partners;
assist in national and regional training courses, award continuing professional education (CPE) points, and provide regional experts for advanced educational programmes;
standardize Nuclear Medicine education and training throughout ARCCNM Member States;

work towards awarding diplomas or degrees / continuing education (CE) units in association with recognized universities / hospitals by distance learning, practical attachments and other scholarly activities.

Article III: Organization of ASNM

Section 1: ASNM has an Academic Senate composed of the Dean, the Regional Vice Deans, the Country Principals and the Executive Director. It maintains a roster of ASNM Faculty & Lecturers drawn from the different Member States or invited from outside the region.
Section 2: The Academic Senate functions as coordinating and implementing body of the policies, programmes and projects of ASNM.
Section 3: The Dean shall be elected by National Delegates present in the Delegate Assembly held during the Annual ARCCNM Conferences. The election of the Dean shall be held every three (3) years with due notice and inclusion in the Assembly agenda.
Section 4: There shall be Regional Vice Deans for every ARCCNM Region. The Regional Vice Deans shall be designated by the Dean and formally appointed by the Chairman ARCCNM.
Section 5: There shall be Country Principals for every ARCCNM Member State. The Country Principals shall be designated by the Dean and formally appointed by the Chairman of ARCCNM.
Section 6: There shall be a roster of ASNM Faculty in each Member State to be designated by the Dean in consultation with the respective Country Principals.
Section 7: The term of office of Regional Vice Deans and Country Principals shall be for a period of three (3) years unless otherwise determined by the Dean and with the concurrence of the Chairman of ARCCNM.
Section 8: ASNM Faculty shall be appointed by the Dean for a specified duration upon the recommendation of the Country Principals.
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