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2016 ASNM Management Meeting Minutes

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Location:Orleans 3F, Qube Hotel, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Date:May 5, 2016


Gang Huang, Yaming Li(China), Jun Hatazawa(Japan), Henry Bom(South Korea),Tomio Inoue(Japan), Andrew Scott(Australia), Diana Paez(Colombian), Raihan Hussain(Bangladesh), Mizanul Hasan(Bangladesh), Faria Nasreen(Bangladesh), Frankie Choi(Hong Kong), G.P. Bandopadhyaya(India), A. Hussein S. Kartamihardja(Indonesia), Seyed Rasoul Zakavi(Iran), Hiroshi Toyama(Japan), Muhammad Babar Imran(Pakistan) Jerry Obaldo(Philippines), KyinMyint(Myanmar), David Ng (Singapore), Guang-Uei Hung(Taiwan), Yuthana Saengsuda(Thailand), Mai Trong Khoa(Vietnam), Ruibing Wang(Macau), Enkhtuya Byambajav(Mongolia), Mototora Kai, Zhibin Yuan, Benson Sung, Jackie Li, Zhongwei Lu, Yunchuan Ma, Hui Wang, Fei Yu, Duanyu Lin

Agenda Items
1.Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
a.Introduction – Gang Huang:
Signing the Shanghai Manifesto is very important for pinpointing the direction of future development of Asian nuclear medicine, highlighting the nuclear medicine strengths and strengthening the development of nuclear medicine in Asia
b.Overview of the draft version of the 2016 Shanghai Manifesto
c.Discussion & Decision on the final version of Shanghai Manifesto – All representatives
Final version of Manifesto in agreement:
1.Nuclear Medicine should not be limited to only medical imaging but also include radionuclide therapy.
2.Nuclear Medicine should not be limited to only SPECT & PET but converge with CT & MRI to march towards Hybrid Molecular Imaging.
3.Nuclear Medicine is a safe medical approach with low radiation exposure. It is patient, medical staff and environment friendly.

2.2016 Shanghai Manifesto Signing - all regional representatives.

3.2017 Asian Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (AOCNMB) meeting – Tomio Inoue
> Announcement of the12th AOCNMB meeting in October5-7, 2017, in Yokohama, Japan.
> Meeting will be held in concordance with the Japanese society of Nuclear Medicine meeting
> Financial issues of the meeting: The current financial situation is very tough to conduct a meeting, we need to establish a more stable financial program to solve the problem.
> Discussion:
    • Our current financial situation is very similar to EANM, we should follow their financial framework, some ways to improve:
         ♦ Look for more industrial companies to support the meeting,
         ♦ Raise up the number of individual members,
         ♦ Get more financial support from the government.

4.Short introduction of the opening ceremony & meeting schedule – Benson Sung.


Part one:2014 ASNM SUMMIT

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