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ACADEMIC SENATE Teleconference of ASNM

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                                                                       ACADEMIC SENATE Teleconference of ASNM

                                                                           Beijing Time: 11:00-12:00, July 22, 2014

Attendants: Gang HUANG(Dean, China) , Thomas Pascual (Executive Director, IAEA), Dong Soo Lee (Vice dean, S.Korea), Mizanul Hasan (Vice dean, Bangladesh), Hussein Kartamihardja (Vice dean, Indonesia), Yaming Li (China), Jaetae Lee (S.Korea), G.P. Bandopadhyaya (India), Hsing-Pei, Tsai (Taiwan), Frankie Choi (Hong Kong), Kyin Myint (Myanmar), Sereegotov Erdenechimeg (Mongolia), Jerry Obaldo (Philippines), Maria Lourdes Taylan (Philippines), Faria Nasreen (Bangladesh), Durr-e-Sabih(Pakistan), Damayanthi Nanayakarra (Sri Lanka), S. Somanesan (Singapore), Mai Trong Khoa(Vietnam), Phan Sy An(Vietnam), Ngô Thùy Trang(Vietnam), Zhibin YUAN(General ),Yuki NI (Secretary , Office)

1. Opening Remarks by Gang HUANG 

2. Self-introduction of attendants

3. Survey report:

-  Some regions introduced the development situation of nuclear medicine. 

-  Prof. Huang asked for suggestions on the survey report and some ideas from all RP (regional principal) to improve the quality of next survey including contents and professional development.

- Advices on further research project regarding nuclear medicine training in Asia.

4. Shanghai Campus

-  ASNM campuses are being installed in Korea, Japan and China at the first stage.

-  Training program of Shanghai campus has started which prefers to accept candidates from developing regions. Shanghai campus can customize the training program according to each candidate’s need.

-  Suggestions on improving the training project. 

5.  Training resoures

- Thomas Neil B. Pascual from IAEA, who is also the executive director, proposed that IAEA would provide ASNM the support to share the IAEA training resources.  

- Hope to collect more training materials provided by other regions.

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